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Are tournaments included in my fee?
For a player who makes a team, mandatory tournaments are included in their team fee (this does not include your personal travel costs). However we may have additional tournaments available to our members for an extra fee. The tournaments, where an extra fee is required, will be marked very clearly on the seasonal schedule and are optional events.

How important is attending everything?
VERY IMPORTANT! We know you're constantly prioritizing and that your schedules are crazy but if you are consistently missing practices or events for that season, you will incur consequences preempted by a warning. We have to be able to field full teams in order to provide quality opportunities for everyone! It's NOT COOL to be a GCLC dropout, no one wants a teammate who is continually MIA...MISSING IN LAX-TION! Your teammates will be counting on you - and you on them! At the same time, communicate with us, we're a pretty understanding group!

What is the tournament cancellation/no show policy?
When you register for a team/tournament/event you are entering into a commitment. You are committed not only to your team but also to GCLC. If you register for a tournament and cancel on your team within 7 days or less before the tournament date (barring any special situation), you will be forced to pay a cancellation/no show fee of either $100 or the listed tournament fee. There are no refunds issued for any cancellations no matter how early they are voiced with the exception of injury.

What is the Gold Coast cancellation policy?
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR THE GCLC MEMBERSHIP OR ASSOCIATED FEES. In the event of a season ending injury you will be eligible for a refund based on injury date - Gold Coast's costs are paid for up front so there shall be no refund greater than $500 after the start of each respective season. All refunds are determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of Gold Coast Lacrosse Club. NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS or PARTIAL PAYMENTS for scheduling conflicts or for any other reasons other then the one listed above including weather related cancellations.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and to treating your personal information as you would want it to be treated. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information. It applies to Gold Coast Lacrosse Club's collection of information on our websites, applications, services and tools (collectively, our "Service").

Data Collection - We collect personal information to support our business operations. We may obtain personal information in one of two ways:

Active Collection - The website requests contact (address) and personal (age) information when an individual user is either requesting more information through mail or email or when registering for one of the programs we offer. This information is used by Gold Coast Lacrosse Inc and its operators solely for the issuance of the requested information. The information is stored in a database and may be used subsequently to re-issue updates of the previously requested information (i.e. updated club dates). By submitting this information you are opting in to receive communication back from Gold Coast Lacrosse Inc and its partners about club related products and services.

Passive Collection - The website also collects information about individual users through the use of cookies. These cookies store the Unique I.P. (internet protocol) Address of each user and the activity of that user with respect to the website. This information is used solely to obtain usages statistics for the website. Each IP address, while logged, is unresolved and is not associated with any other personal information collected by the website either passively or actively.

Deletion of Personal Records or Changes to Personal Records Gold Coast Lacrosse Inc acknowledges that customers about whom we collect personal information have certain legal rights concerning that information. These individuals have a right to be told of their privacy rights and our information handling practices. They have a right to know what information we have about them and with whom we share it. They have the right to request removal of personal information from our records and have a right to correct any mistakes they find in their personal records that Gold Coast Lacrosse Inc maintains.

Users have the following options for correcting personal information or removing their information from our database in order to not receive future communications from Gold Coast Lacrosse Inc. You may send a request to


What do the various seasons look like?
Gold Coast begins in June and runs yearly throughout Summer, Winter, and Fall. We have tryouts for our high school teams in late July, and our youth teams in August. We run very heavily in June and July for our summer season. For Fall, we have events throughout September, October, and November. Our Winter season will consist of clinics throughout December, January, and/or February. All winter events are add-on events and not included in the yearly membership - these events are optional. Lastly, the Spring season is left alone for you to play with your towns and high schools. 

What is the difference between the Training Team and Elite Team?
Gold Coast gives you the option to participate in tournaments OR just play to get better depending on your graduation year. Training players do not need to tryout and their membership allows them to attend ANY/ALL of the “All Club” practice dates for the year. They may also attend any extraneous ALL CLUB events that we decide to add as a pay per player event (ex. smaller added tournaments, playdays, clinics etc. This does not include the elite tournaments). Elite players are players who have tried out and been selected for a team.

What Teams do you offer?
For High School players we offer teams for incoming freshmen through graduating juniors. For Middle School players we offer teams for for 5th and 6th graders as well as 7th and 8th graders.

Do I have to tryout for Gold Coast? 
Yes! All High School players are required to tryout. If you are a Middle School player, you need to tryout as well, but we reserve the right to accept Elite Players throughout the year. Each team will have approximately 20-22 players. 

If I get cut, can I tryout again next season?
YES! ABSOLUTELY and we encourage you to do that!!

How are the Teams selected during tryouts?
Team selections and placements are determined by the GCLC staff's professional opinion in conjunction with whatever qualified, outside coach or entity we decide to bring in and contract for the selections. These selections are based on but is not limited to the following:
1. Player attitude
2. Athleticism and potential
3. Lacrosse field sense and understanding of the game
4. Work ethic and consistency
5. Coach-ability and the executing direction
6. Skill

Can I get kicked off of a Team?
Yes, if you do not attend the committed tournaments, events, and practices respectively you risk losing your roster spot and rendering yourself ineligible for consideration in the future. Please ask about our ATTENDANCE policies. Lastly, culture is very important to us. If your behavior or the behavior of your parent is unbecoming of a Gold Coaster, you will be notified via "warning" email as little as one time or a maximum of three times over the course of a season. If a player/parent are removed from a team, no refund will be issued.

Can I get kicked out of Gold Coast as a club?
YES. Like we said, ATTENDANCE is huge! If you don't attend MOST/ALL of the events/practices during one season, we assume you won't the next season. It's about building trust and being reliable! Please ask about our ATTENDANCE policies. Again, if your behavior is unbecoming of a Gold Coaster or deemed as such, our warning system will be utilized and if the behavior persists, you will be removed from the club indefinitely. If a player/parent are removed from the club no refund will be issued.


Want to learn more about our expectations and philosophy? Check out our GOLD STANDARD which acts as our mission statement for players and parents.